Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Language School.
Im proud to say that I have officially finished language school, it was a long 4 months but worth it. My german still isn't perfect but thinking back to a year ago I can really see how much I've improved and how God has opened my mind to remembering new words and growing. What a blessing! I still have a long ways to go to fluent but I'm moving forward. 

Skate Event.
A couple months ago I found out that a couple guys were flying out from the states to intern with a skate park run by Calvery Chapel a few hours north. I’ve known about the skate ministry and have been in contact with them for a while but had not made it out. They were having a contest the weekend the Americans arrived so I traveled up for the contest, to connect and see what they are doing. 

It was such a great trip! One of my favorites and so encouraging seeing all that they are doing up there. I had to walk a little ways to where I would meet them when my bus arrived, as I walked I was chatting with God and I could see it was gonna rain soon. I was in the middle of nowhere basically and had my computer, phone and skateboard with my and didn't want it to get wet. I prayed for Him to hold off on the rain and he answered my prayer and sent a really dry snow for a couple minutes before it stopped. How Good is God! 
The contest was really great! I was a judge with a couple other dudes and got announce some of it in german, which was also great. I spoke more german that weekend then I did English, I realized how God is opening my understanding more and more. 


The Visitors.
There is a xtreme sports ministry school in Itily, that I've been in contact a little with. I got a phone call out of the blue one morning saying they were traveling through Germany and wanted to meet up for a hour. It ended up working out and 4 hours after the call we met up. It was so encouraging meeting other people from all over the world for a passion for skate and action sports ministry. Iron sharpening Iron. As I look over all the people I've met in the past year with a passion for life and seeing shredders come to Jesus it always stokes me up. 


The Cafe.
Ive been working for the past few months in the YWAM cafe and it goes on, its been such a great experience making coffee and building relationships people. I was able to design the website recently so give it a click and check it out. Cafe Website

Prayer Request;

Local Skaters 

YWAM Nuremberg Cafe Ministry 

Barcelona Trip (March 25-29) 

Teaching (Im teaching on the Skate DTS in 2 months, so prayers as I prepare.) 

Nuremberg Trailers DTS (Im helping a little where I can with it.)



Thank you so much for your prayers and support, it means more then you will ever know and I am so thankful for all of you and what God is doing. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The News// School// The Food

Hi Everyone, 

It has been a busy month an a half. God never stopes in his faithfulness. One of the main things that God has been teaching me is faith. Thinking about faith can be challenging but I'm challenged by faith and how I can walk it out more and in it hearing Gods voice. 

The dude.
A few weeks ago I was walking back from a meeting, I walked through the city center like I did many time. As I walked through the city I walked by a homeless guy, I smiled and he smiled back. I walked maybe 10 meters and felt a strong leading from God to buy him food. I was hungry because I hadn't eaten yet that day and didn't want to. I stood there for about 4 minutes thinking about it until finally I walked over to him and asked if he was hungry? I walked to the corner Burger King and walked back with 2 burgers. I sat down next to him and we started talking, he shared about his life and I about mine. In his life he had lost everything but he talked about how he found hope in Jesus. It was encouraging for me hearing that. At the end I was able to pray for him. 

The Apartment. 
Over the past month I have been sending out countless emails about renting apartments or a room. I had some responses, some good but most didn't respond. I finally found a place that I thought would be really good but it had allot of problems and was more then I wanted to pay. I said “Yes” but because I was sick of looking. The next day I felt like it was the wrong choice and stepped out and said “no” it was scary cause I needed a place in 2 weeks. I got an email back from someone that day and looked but didn't feel like it was right, later that day I had another meeting for an apartment. I went and looked and it was amazing! The guys were christians and I had so much peace that it was God. So this past weekend stepped out and moved in. 
I was a hard step saying “No” but I knew God had a plan even though I didn't see it and by stepping out in the unknown God showed up. 

Language School.
School has been on going, I'm currently in A4 level which means I have one more level to go until I'm done. Its been super intense 4 months so far but I'm learning allot and growing in the language. Ive had more and more German conversations which really excites me. Its been a slow journey but I finally feel like I'm growing more and more in the language. 

YWAM Nuremberg.
Ive also been really involved here at YWAM Nuremberg, it has been amazing! God has blessed me with a solid community of amazing people. Im currently working 3 afternoons a week in the cafe. Its been really fun learning the art of good quality coffee and talking with customers in German. 

The Brand.
One thing I am super excited about is “RUN” this is something that God has been placing on my heart for the past year or so. Ive been resiling with the idea if its just me or God and after allot of prayer and other people confirming it I knew it was God. RUN is a board brand we are trying to start here in Europe. European skaters and American ones cary one thing in common and most don't want anything to do with God. This is our way of reaching out more into the European shred scene using this brand as a platform. 

The DTS.
This season is gonna be a busy one and your prayers are needed! I am going to be working with Calling all Skaters in Spain a bit, speaking on their DTS and organizing part of their outreach to Berlin this July. There are other events that are in the process of being worked  as well. 

Prayer request. 

YWAM Nuremberg as I get more settled in Nuremberg and for what God is doing here. 

Calling all Skaters DTS. For the skaters coming that they will encounter Jesus. 

Wisdom in planning out this season. 

Upcoming Events. 

Financial Support. 


For people who have a passion for skate ministry and want to get involved. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Greeting from 2017,

Its been a busy year! Happy 2017!
Since moving to Nuremberg, I've started building relationships wth locals which has been really nice. One advantage to living in a smaller city is the skate scene is allot easer to connect with. The skate scene is still really big, Berlin probably with 1000+ Skaters and here around 100ish so building relationships is a bit easer. 

I was at the park one day and there was new guy there. We started talking in German only to find out we were both Americans, he was from California. We had a super good talk. Somehow we ended up talking abut creativity and how God created us to create. He began thinking about it and after a while said “that’s amazing! This is why I like painting.” It made so much sense to him. We had a really good conversation about God and everything. Even though I probably wont see him again since he's not from around here. I feel like he will come to God. 

Language school goes on. The more I think about it the more I realize how school is the mission field, being homeschooled I never really got to experience class room presence with more then a couple people but now I see it. I have people from all over the middle east and eastern Europe in my class room and it is an amazing opportunity to reach out with the Gospel. So as time goes on and as relationships are built I am stoked to see what God will do. 

USA Adventure
I was finally cleared to travel since my visa was in process and stuff so I did a random fast 5 day trip home to the states a few days before Christmas. It was really nice being able to see family and friends again. One nice part was getting snow and being able to shovel again, first time in a couple years. Germany doesn't get that much snow.The day I left I took the bus to Chicago to fly and when I got the automatic machine for tickets, my ticket couldn't be found. Then I went to one dest and they said I needed to go to the other, by this time I was stressing and worried but kept praying. As I was standing in the line it was moving so slow. A service person asked why i was in line, i explained the situation to here and she started doing he thing to find my ticket but she couldn’t. I continued praying and showed her my paperwork and finally she found it. I made my flight. During the flight I ate and didn't feel so good so I had gotten up to go the bathroom, the next thing I knew was the stewardess waking me up off the floor, I had fainted. I sat again the airplane door drinking water and they  brought he orange juice to bring up my blood sugar. I returned to my seat confused. Ive flown more times then i know but have never passed out. God is always good, when we are literally weak and dont know whats happening he is still God. I can still praise God that he provided a lady to get my ticket stuff figured out and the flight attendants to be there and help bring me to. So praise the Lord, I made it safe and sound in Germany. 

I got to spend Christmas With Naomi and her family which was really special and a blessing. It was really nice. A year ago I was in South Africa over Christmas and it was hard because I was away from everyone that I loved. I rememberer climbing a mountain with some friends and looking out at so much beauty and hearing God speak in it. Creation is a gift, wherever we live we can see Gods creation and Glory. I live in a city but still see a sunrise. It showed me that God created this world for us. So fast forward a year, it was an amazing Christmas week with my family back home as well as loved ones in Germany. 

Prayer request. 


•Language School. 

•2017 Planning. 

•Housing. (I currently have an apartment until the end of February but i need one long term.) 

• Building relationships with locals. 

Thank you all for all your prayers and support! Its amazing having all of you standing with me in prayers and support. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Brussels// The Dudes// The News

Its been another busy month! 

Zac had the brilliant idea to do a spontaneous random trip to Brussels. One of the perks to living in Europe is that flights can be very cheep, we paid 12$ round trip. So we woke up early and headed out. We were skating around the city and we found a ledge spot in front of a museum and started skating it.  An old man walked up to me, I greeted him expecting him to kick us out but his reply left me thinking. “What you are doing is so wonderful, I will sit down and watch.” Oh and did I mention he spoke French. I began to think about this response from this old man. He saw it as art, as creating and the more I began thinking about it the more I was fascinated with this, God created us to create. 

The Apartment. 
Another great accomplishment in the past month was finishing renovating an apartment. Two months ago, we started ripping out concrete walls in one of the flats, there were only 2 of us and after starting both of us began to realize if we jumped the gun. We put allot of work into it and soon all the walls were out, we dropped the floor and started building new walls and after more and more time we finished the apartment. It turned out very nice by the time we finished. The family living in it now is an American family who is working with the refugees in Berlin. Its great to see the work that has been done going towards the kingdom. 

Outreach Team.
In the middle of the month an outreach team came from Australia. We have teams come through all the time but this one was different. Most of the base was gone for a week so it allowed us to connect and get to know them. It was fun tagging along on their outreaches and assisting with that. I think the time that sticks out the most is when it was raining one afternoon and a few of us went into a train station and just played music and told people about Jesus. 
There was a class trip from Belgium that was in the tunnel I told one of the dudes that he should try preaching to the crew and I would go with him and get him started, and he did. I guess it was so rad just seeing these guys step out and be bold. 

The Dudes. 
God is beginning to bring more and more dudes together from all over the place who skate and have a passion for God. This month we did a little shred weekend and Huckleberry came out along with Mike from CAS as well as out bud Timothy from Germany. It was so encouraging all being together and growing, brainstorming and visionering for the future and what we see God is doing. 
From left to right, Mike and Huckleberry from Calling all Skaters, Timothee and Zac. 

The News. 
During the Summer and Autumn, God began opening some new doors. I had already applied for language school in the south of Germany in Nuremberg. After allot of prayer and counseling with people I made the decision to stay in Nuremberg and work with YWAM Nuremberg. 

So November 8th I packed my bags and headed south. And on the 10th I started language school. It weird being back in school again but knowing that God has called me to Germany for what I believe long term I believe it is very important to know the language. 

Other then that, the goal is still building relationships with local shredders and networking and of course learning the language and seeing where I can fit in and finding my place in my new home in Nuremberg. 

Reflecting on my time in Berlin, God did allot. I served there for 14 months, staffed a DTS and was involved in more outreaches then I can count. The people and relationships that were built and formed will last forever. 

This months prayer request; 

*Language School. (Understanding, wisdom and no stress.) 

*Financial Support. 

*Building relationships with the skate scene here in Nuremberg. 

*Future. As we plan out the event calendar for 2017 and launch new projects we need your prayers. Aswell that God will bring more people together for are European team. 


Thank you all once again for all your prayers, it is the best thing ever knowing I have you all in my life! As well as all of you who have chosen to support financially, THANK YOU! 

I wish all of you a warm, sunny and rad Thanks Giving! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zac// Norway//Stuttgart

It has been an extremely busy 6 weeks since I last wrote. Gods been teaching me allot on a few different things, passion being one of them which I'll share later on. 

One Year

One year ago on September 11th I flew to Germany. Im still kinda shocked how fast a year goes by. When you first enter the field you always wonder where you will be in a year and its still so exciting. Germany has turned into a new home and God has given me such heart for this country. So I want to say thank you! Thank you for all your prayers over the year! Thank you as well for your financial support! I remember when I first moved he, I knew how to count to 10 and good morning and good night. Now this foreign language is no longer foreign as Ive learned how to communicate a little haha. 


Four months ago Zac headed back to the states. It was a hard good bye, I had no idea when I would see him again. After a month of being home all he wanted was to be back in Germany and September 2 he came back. So stoked! Its so good skating and seeing him again. 


Five months ago some friends and I started planning a trip to Norway. We didn't have a clear idea how it would work Igor look but we decided to try. September 7 we loaded the camper van and set off. It was a really great experience to get away from everything and see more of Gods creations. 

During the first week we stopped at a skatepark in Giro, it was small but fun with good vibes and a ton of scooters. I got to talk a little with them a d give em some stickers. They were all stoked! We drove by so many skate parks in small villages and it makes you wonder, will this park ever be reached? And really created ideas and desire to do something about it. 

A few months ago you read about Jon, Jon was staff on my DTS back in Africa. Currently he lives in the south of Norway teaching kaiaking and surfing. He told us about a pastor in Voss who had a sheep farm and needed help herding the sheep from the mountains. We drove over to Voss on Thursday. Friday afternoon we meet with Jon at the church and joined them for Bible Study. Saturday everyone gathered at the Pastors house and we headed to the 
mountains. I don't know how many moles we hiked around that valley that day. After herding the sheep everyone went to the pastors home for an all Norwegian dinner. One thing I got out of that was a literal understanding of sheep. Jesus talked so much about sheep and it's so interesting to spend time with sheep, you begin to understand the personality and it all begins to make sense. 

We took a faerie across from Norway to Denmark. During the time on the sea the water got really bad. Probably one of the most scary moments of my life. The ship was swaying up and down, going crazy. We were all sick, and praying. After 6 hours of sailing the waves finally stopped. There is something about a sea becoming still. One more experience God used to reveal himself more to me. 

We had so many amazing stories of adventures throughout our time there. It allowed us allot experience more of God in nature. I wish I could share them all. Hopefully you can enjoy some of the photos. Overall the trip was a really amazing experience to see and experience God. 

We came back to Nürmberg the 30th and the next morning I headed west to Stuttgart for an event with SRS bmx guys.
 A local church just south of Stuttgart hosted a skate and BMX outreach. Zac headed down two days before me to help set up with the guys. We were able to build so many relationships with the dudes there, I was also able to speak at the event. So good! 

In one month I will be moving to Nuremberg Germany, Its a couple hours south of Berlin for Language School. I will be doing an intense 5 month course. This will open more doors in building relationships with skaters and people of Germany. I strongly praying about the next season of ministry. God is opening more and more doors and we are building so many new connections in action sports in Germany. The future is ripe and I'm stoked! 

Prayer Request; 


Financial Support 

Language School 

Skate ministry as a whole in Europe

The Future 

Local Skaters 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



Three weeks ago I was out to lunch with my church. I get a random Whats App message from one of the staff on my DTS, I knew he was planing on coming to Berlin for a friends wedding but I figured that was still weeks away. I texted him back and said I could talk in 30 minutes, on the train I wondered what does the text he sent mean "Where exactly is your couch?" I gave him a call and he said he was in Berlin. It made my day, this dude is probably one of the raddest guys I've met. So he spent the month on my couch, helping with ministry and being involved with projects at the base.

John and I at the intake center.
We went to Legozo, maybe you remember me writing about Legazo (Its the refugee intake center.) We went there to do the local ministry where we skate and see what doors God opens. I sat down next to a guy and struck up a conversation. I asked what the reason for moving to Germany? he replied he changed his religion. I was thinking could this be?! I asked what religion he changed to and he replied that he was a christian, he then pointed to his friend on the right and said he was too. He said that they wanted to kill him so he fled. Ive told this story already quite a few times and every time I think back I feel so honored. This man is a hero in my eyes, his life shows the radical step of following Jesus. But for him, he is just being obedient. I told him I would keep him in my prayers, we parted ways and hugged. 
The persecuted church is real. I would like to invite you to please keep him and his friend in your prayers but also the church. 

The Event

Break dance competition. 

YWAM Berlin helped at a local outreach. It was a bit more up my ally. We helped with set up and security for a music fest and break dance event. It was rad to see so many people from around the city participate in this event and through it many people heard about Jesus. 


Saying good bye to Vojtěch
A couple weeks ago I got a text from a guy we had connected with though skate ministry. He comes from the Czech Republic and was back packing around Europe. I invited him out to Berlin a few months ago and he was finally able to make it out. It was so encouraging being able to spend the couple days with this dude and hearing his heart for the Lord. 
We were skating the new park in town. I started talking with a dude from Sweden as he began to talk he became very interested in what skate ministry. Turns out that a few years ago he was going to a christian skate park in one of the southern states of America. 



YWAM Berlin just finished up a summer program called Summer of Service. Its a 2 week camp where highschoolers come and grow spiritually, serve and reach out to the city. I spoke the second day and was periodically involved in it. The most rewarding part is seeing all dudes and girls grow in their faith equipped and ready to take it to their community. 
It brought back so many camp memories from a couple years back when I worked as the skatepark instructor.  So encouraging! 

Prayer Request

  • Encouragement
  • Language
  • (This month I have unproved more with German, understanding and speaking more, it still isn't that good but I can see God growing me in that.) 
  • The local skaters. 
  • Future growth in skate ministry here.
  • Financial support. 

Thank you everyone for your prayer and gifts. It brings me so much joy every month know I have people like you to support!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Skate Camp//Zac//German

On June 5 Zac headed home. It was a hard goodbye for one because he is my best friend and my brother and for 2 I had no idea when I would see him again.
I knew I would see him again soon. Two weeks ago I get a FB call at 1:30am saying "Im buying my tickets and am coming back September 1st." So stoked! 
Its a really exciting time for us. The harvest is so plentiful here, but the workers are few. Its rad to have Zac coming back as we reach out more and more. 

As I get more and more into the skate scene here, I get more stoked! I was skating the other day at the park. I started taking with a dude at the park before long the subject had switched to God. He said he wasn't raided in the Church and had no idea of who Jesus was. I shared a little of my story and the peace I found in Christ. From anyone who doesn't believe, when you say you found peace they think this dude is crazy. He was so open and wants to know more. 

Im so stoked that I am finally understanding but also speaking more German! Every day I've been speaking German on the streets or the park. Whenever I skate, I always try to speak in German with the dudes I know. Thankfully they're gracious with my bad grammar. Its so cool! There are some dudes I've seen around and skated with lately and they don't speak much english which makes interesting but really good because it challenges them to learn english but me to German. 

Skate Camp. 

It was a busy week, non stop but so good! When I look back on things I then most easily process everything.  We had one dude come out from the Netherlands, his name was Fulvio. A super chill down to earth dude with a great heart. 
On Saturday we went out to Alexander Platz (The Berlin City Center) and connected with some other ministries. They did a dance outreach and then shared the Gospel. I and other slipped into the crowd and started talking with different people. 
I started a conversation with a group of dudes, once I mentioned God all but 2 stayed. The dude said to me that he wasn't religious, I hight fired him and said nether am I but preceded to say, that I do believe and have a personal relationship with Jesus. It was hard for him to understand what this whole thing could mean. He also wasn't raised in a Christian home and knew nothing about Jesus. He believed in science and nothing different, that was the way he was raised. 

Sunday we started off with church and headed off to Templholf (An old airport with a skatepark). We were skating, having a really good time with the locals and then the rains came. We chilled out under a building and chatted and chilled with the locals. More relationships being formed. 

One of the things I've taken over at YWAM Berlin is Renovations and Maintenance. So we spent Monday doing practical work, cleaning out a huge attic.

July 4th last year is when I first came to Berlin to meet with YWAM and see of this is the place I felt God calling me. One year later here I am, crazy how time flies. Still haven't made it home for a 4th since 2011 I think but each one away has been well remembered. 

Tuesday we headed out to a Refugee intake center but when we arrived they were ripping down the buildings and tents. We caused across the street and chilled in a normal park. I sat on a bench for a while while Fulvio went off to talk with some people. He comes back 20 minutes later and ended up having a super good conversation with a dude and he ended up getting saved. It was rad! As I was still sitting on the bench a Refugee came by and sat down next to me. I started to talk with him in German and we ended up having a really good conversation all in german. I was so excited! One year ago the extent of my German was learned from Hogans Heros and now God has opened my ears and mouth to speak at least enough to cary on conversations. Its so rad! 
Wednesday afternoon we parted ways and Fulvio headed home to the Netherlands. So many good stories and experiences happened. 

Upcoming events. 

Berlin Open Skate Contest 
July 10

Summer of Service
July 29- August 7 

Fire Starters Conference 
August 11-14 

Prayer Request. 

Local skaters we are working with. 

Berlin Open for hearts to be open as we do ministry there. 

Summer of Service for the students coming for 2 weeks. 



Financial Support 

Local Team, for more riders and dudes that can pour into locals lives. 

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support!! It means so much to me having people wrapping their arms around me in prayer as well as financially.

Until the Harvest is in!