Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Another month rushed by and with the rush of time so many new and exciting things have happened. The first part of March I spent doing renovations around the base, doing odd repairs as well as building a new sealing in one of the rooms.

March 16, my girlfriend and I flew to the U.S. for her to meet my family as well to spend Easter at home. It was so amazing to be home being able to rest and spend time with my family. During my time there I spoke at 2 churches, one homeschool group, one youth group and two radio stations.
Thinking back on that now shocks me because only 2 of those were planned before I arrived. As a missionary you live on what others give to you.

I flew with my laptop back home and when I had gotten there tried turning it on and it was broken. I didn't have the money for a new one and was wondering "why" I was praying about it for a reason and for it to work. So that morning my mom walks into the living room where I was doing quiet time and asked what kind of size computer I needed because an independent Mac store wanted to give me one. I told her what would be nice and the next day a new MacBook Pro shows up way better then the previous one I had. This still shocks me but I know that God had a plan and I am so grateful. He is so faithful, even in the small things he always seems to provide our needs.

One day while back home we decided we would do a day trip to Chicago. A man stopped me on the street and handed me a couple Bible tracts, I said to him I was already a Christian and he should give them to someone else, he handed me a few more and said "no, you give some out to people too." I walked away thinking about this and his response. That was the best answer he could have possible given me. That evening on the train I felt Holy Spirit urging me to talk to the man behind me on the train. He was reading a JW book, so I struck up a conversation with him and gave him some of the tracts I got as well sharing with him why she should read the Bible and asking God to show him truth instead of relying and reading JW material. Before saying goodbye I told him I would pray for Him, he was so encourage through everything. He was so hungry for truth that He took anything he could get his hands on and thy was why he was reading that stuff, people are hungry and its so important that they get their hands on TRUTH.

One thing I haven't experienced that much in the past couple years in snow.
The last time I really saw snow was for 2 weeks in the beginning of January 2015. While home the weather was doing some strange stuff and we got a couple inches and were able to go sledding with my brother. I know it sounds like a kid thing but it was amazing and so much joy in all of it.

Finally, April 3 we flew back to Germany and April 5th Zac arrived where he will serving along side me for the next 2 months.

As we look to the near future we are so excited to see once again!
This spring we will be focusing on building relationships with more skaters around Berlin as well as ministry at contest and starting refugee skate lessons.

Our prayer request for this month are.

  • Skateboards for skate lessons. 
  • Relationships with local skaters 
  • Ears to better understanding German
  • Skate camp this summer 
Please join us in prayer as we reach Germany one skater at a time with the Gospel as well if you are interested in financially supporting, your donations would be greatly welcome.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Another month has come an gone. So much has happened. As I look back over our 2 months in outreach I see the grace mercy and love of God.
One day during the final weeks of outreach we did some homeless ministry. We made a ton of sandwiches and tea and walked the streets.
 We sat down and started talking with some guys and gave them tea and a sandwich. They opened up very fast. For one man he said he had been living on the streets for over 20 years. He fought with his commanding officer and got kicked out of the SA Navy. He never really got himself up. Another man had a similar experience.
We had a chance to pray for them. It begins to break your heart. For us, this is a story we read but for them this is a life they live.
One homeless man came up to our group and had a bag of bread and offered it to us. He fed the birds and his friends. It was amazing to see the heart.
One student prayed for one of the men to receive Jesus. The joy was amazing! Probably one of the most rewarding moments on the whole DTS.

During our time there we spoke in multiple schools on human trafficking. We will never know how many classrooms we were in. We would split into 4 groups and do whole schools. Its such a big problem but so rewarding to be part of raising awareness and letting the students and teachers know what they can do to help.

 February, 2 we flew back to Germany. I got food poisoning the night before so it made for an interesting flight. We all made it back safe and sound to Berlin.

We did a week of debrief and on the 9th we had the graduation. Its so crazy how the five months went by so fast but more then amazing to see the ways and things God did in the students lives.
sandwiches, tea and went out on the streets. I was with 2 students and we sat down on the side of the road with some homeless men and woman.

So what does the future for me now look like? One reason that I believe God called me to to Berlin for was to pioneer a skate ministry. So this month I will be working on building connections. As the weather gets better I will try to get Skate Church started. This summer we will be doing a skate camp here for European skaters. My hope is to work with refugees since the amount we have in Berlin is huge. I will also be working with renovations on base. So I will be staying busy. I am so excited to see what God has in store!

Prayer Request.

  • Financially. 
  • Skate Ministry. This month I start having meetings and planning for skate ministry here.
  • Language. Im learning but its still slow. Last week I completely 3 sentences when one of the students parents was talking to me. I was so excited! And I am understanding allot more but its is a slow go. Prayers would be amazing!
One day at worship night in Muizenberg the base leader talked about smelling the roses. He talked about how being a child and walking to the river to draw water and how he had gone back to the river this year an saw the beauty he had never seen. He also talked about the need in slowing down and noticing all that God has created. This challenged me! So i did it. I started noticing flowers, water, creeks, trees, mountains, people, animals, the list continues. The mountains became normal but not anymore and the sea even more beautiful. Enjoy some of the photos i took with this mind set. Now my challenge to you, take time to smell the flowers.

I went skating one afternoon and shot this. I saw it every day and it didnt take long to be normal until this day where God showed me. The mountains are his.
From a prayer walk one day and came across this beauty. Another everyday place that God reminded me of.

Climbed this mountain the second to last day. Behind the thistles and weeds there are beautiful flowers growing.
Hotel view from Addis Ababa. So many people so many stories from that day.

So thank you for all your prayers and support!

 Love you all!

Nathaniel Muench
Until the harvest is in.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Reflecting on the past month gives me so much joy to see what God did. We arrived Dec 10 here in Mizenberg. We all had a general idea of what ministry would look like but then again it was only a general idea.

The first week we spent helping host a crime prevention program in one of the villages. We had no idea how many kids would come or what it would really look like but when we arrived that Monday morning we could see that it would be a busy week. The kids showed up so excited.We spent the week doing games and other stuff like that as well as teaching them in crime prevention. The villages have quite a bit of crime and the key is to raise the kids up in the right way.

The week after that was Christmas, it had its challenges being away from home.This past year, I was
gone for every holiday and family gathering so it was somewhat challenging but it was still so good and I would even say one of the best Christmas I've had. Christmas afternoon a few of us climbed to the top of a local mountain. We got to the top and you could feel the presence of God. We spent time praying and worshiping. We believe that God, our Father made the earth he made it to be enjoyed for us to see his glory and experience Him. Looking over the city and sea, it was like a Christmas gift from God with a smile on His face saying enjoy.

During the week of Christmas, we did door to door ministry in the village. The first day we came to a house with two older men who were addicted to alcohol. They were so broken and looking for anything to take it away and give them peace. One excepted Jesus.
The next day we were waiting outside one house while a part of our group was talking to some people inside. A mama came up to us and said, "You walked right by my house, I want prayer too." We we went to her house and one of her friends was there. The woman was a born again but her friend wasnt, we talked with her for a while and then she gave her life to Christ. The raddest part was the joy that this mama had, you could see the light of Jesus shining out of her.

The week after we spent time time doing train ministry. We brought a speaker into the train and we would play worship music, preach and walk around the train and pray for people. It was an amazing experience. One day we took the train into Cape Town and we prayed for people. Everyone came into really cool conversations with people on the streets.

This past week we helped with a youth camp. Each day we prepared a teaching, did songs and a drama. From there we would break the kids into groups and have them talk about what they learned.

One kid who was in my group always had the biggest smile on his face. We sat the kids in a circle
and prayed for them. He said that he felt God wanted him to be a pastor when he grew up. I was so stoked to hear that. I will never see him again but I know God will do amazing things with him.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Its been a crazy last month, where do I start.

Jian and I had our visa appointment December 1st. We went into the immigration office hoping high to have an easy appointment. We arrived and noticed that when we applied online for our appointment that we had not received waiting numbers.  So we went to the office for some but by the time I had gotten there and gotten the numbers I had missed my appointment time.
Jian was able to get in but they shut him down and denied him the visa. Our hopes were crushed but we were faithful to pray and pray more. We went back into the office to try for a number with me so they sent us to an office and to another one. Finally they asked for all of our paper work and said they would review it. So we sat down in the lobby. Pretty soon they called our names and started asking us questions about what we do and whatnot. We told her and she said we didnt have the right paperwork but we continued to pray. Finally she said, "I'll give you a year. You can print passport photos in the second floor, please hurry." We ran and came out with some wacky visa photos. God is soooo good! We left the building dancing and laughing at how funny our visa pictures looked. Prayer works! God has called us to Germany, that was proof.

We left for South Africa the 8th of December. We had to take a train 4 hours to Frankfurt, with one transfer in the middle. We arrived safe in the transfer city but then missed our train to the airport. We were all bummed and hopped the next train, this one however went to the city and not directly to the airport. We made it to the airport an hour and a half before our flight.  We had no problems and then when we passed through security, they asked one of the staff, "Where are you coming from?" She replied, Berlin. They said "How? the train never made it to the airport and caught fire." We all rejoiced. If we would have made that train we would have missed our flights. God once again is faithful.

We were dreading having to spend 15 hours in the Ethiopian airport(I had a layover there in January, the DMV is more exciting then that airport). We went to the visa office and they said that the airline covers the cost for us to all be put up in a hotel with free food for that day. We arrived at the hotel at 8:30 in the morning and we had the opportunity to walk around the city. I got to show the students some African street food and we were able to play football with some street kids and talk to some locals about Jesus. It was all organic but God worked through it.

We finally made it safe and sound to Muizenberg, South Africa, Thursday morning, the 10th. God paints His glory across this universe. It is so humbling to see so much the the beauty he has painted across this land. This is the view from a hill near our house here.

"It is the whole business of the whole church to preach the whole gospel to the whole world."
-Charles Spurgeon

Sunday, November 15, 2015

October and South Africa

Once again another month has flashed by. I wonder so often where does the time go? One Monday you’re trying to wake up for worship and before you know it Friday is here.

This month has brought many new and exciting things that God is doing here.

The students are all growing so much. It is so encouraging to see them step up in their faith and be bold. Six weeks ago I created a cheesy challenge for the students to eat all their meals for one week with their hands. It didn’t fly with some people and was shot down after a couple days but what it did spark was a weekly challenge.
The first week was, if you see anyone with a red shirt you have to ask if you could pray for them. It was a real spark for the students and one week later during a sharing time they were all filled with stories. Every week we do this challenge, God is doing rad things every week with it.

One week ago I did a car share to Nuremberg (A city in the southern part of Germany.) It was a 4 hour dive and not only did we get up to 160mph on the autobahn but God opened the doors to share Christ. The guy and his girlfriend said they we’re not “religious” my response was that I wasn’t ether. They were shocked but then I said that I do believe in a personal relationship with Jesus and was able to share the message of the cross.
Peoples view here is so built on religion or the big church down the street but have no idea about a loving God that wants to have relationship with them. We talked for about 20 minutes about God and I believe that it truly impacted them.

On my was home I took the bus, arrived in Berlin and walked to the train to my neighborhood. It is 5 stops but something happened and the train only went 3, I wasn’t sure how to get back. I walked up to the conductor to ask and there was a English guy asking the same question for the same stop. So we got on the bus together and headed to my neighborhood. I asked what he does in Berlin and he asked me too and from there it lead into the Gospel. He was an atheist but after our talk he was so much more open to the Gospel.

In one short month we bind up and head for Cape Town on outreach. We will be serving there for 2 months. We plan to work in the townships outside the city as well in the city with street kids and also in many other ways.

We are all so excited to see what God will do with our time there. It is exciting for me because for most of the students it is their first time going into the mission field, (as Christians I believe we all live in the mission field but to see them and their joy to go to a different continent is so amazing)

Even though we’re still a few months out we are so looking forward to see what God has in store for the 2016 season. There is some rad stuff in the works that you will be soon filled in on in the life of skate ministry here to come.
I would also like to invite you to be apart of South Africa as well as the 2016 season. Prayer is most important, but also financially would be greatly appreciated. Living on support can be quite challenging at points but so rewarding to see Gods faithfulness. If you would like to help that would be AMAZING!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support this month.

Grace, peace and love. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My new city.

Time truly does fly. A month ago I sat wondering what and what Germany would be like and now I’ve been here for 3 weeks.

I arrived in Berlin the 11th of September. The first week was so busy preparing for the DTS.  September 26th the students arrived and we had a kick off bbq. 

The next day (Sunday the 27th) we went on a city scavenger hunt so everyone could get a taste of the city transit. We finished at the final train stop and began to walk to a restraint. We walked under a bridge and there was a guy who had a sign in English saying, “Money for food and drugs” he smiled at me and I back at him. We got to the restraint and I felt God wanted me to go back and talk with Him, I asked Jian another staff if he wanted to come with me and buy him some food before our food at the restraint arrived. (This is where the story gets weird) we walked maybe 30 meters and watched a lady get hit by a car right in front of us. We waited for the crowd to settle down and walked over to her and asked if we could pray for her. She said yes. After that we made our way to the bridge. I asked the guy if I could by him some food and he said yes after bringing him some Döner (a Turkish sandwich thing) we sat down with him and he began to open up to us about His life. At the end we asked if he would read a Bible if we brought him one, he said yes. We finally made it back to the restraint with two crazy stories to tell about what had just happened.  

Five days later I hopped on a bus for Köln Germany about 8 hour bus ride from Berlin.
I met with a Christian skate team called SRS. It was such a blessing to connect with others who carry the same passion for ministry. Over all it was an amazing weekend and I look forward to see what God has in store for the future.

Before coming to Berlin I knew about the wall but wasn’t really familiar with the whole story behind it. Yesterday was the reunification day marking 25 years of the wall being down. The city hosted a huge event last night and it was such an honor to stand there and see the transformation that had taken place. They showed a video from when the communist party had fallen and the wall was open, people came through so over joyed crying for they were finally free. I believe so much that God has such great things in store for this country. The wall came down and there was freedom from communism. There is still a spiritual wall and this wall is in the hearts of men and woman across the globe, they need the Lord and it isn’t until we experience this that we truly have freedom.

This has been the first 3 weeks of living in Berlin. Prayer request are,

·      Spiritual strength
·      Financial support
·      DTS Students
·      Language (its coming slowly but surly)  

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

P.S. To finish up the story with the man under the bridge, we went back the other day and he was still there. I asked one of the girls on staff who works with people like that if she knew where we could find an English Bible, she ended up giving us hers. (What a blessing! And so humbling.)
We went to the train station and we were having trouble buying a ticket from the machine and ended up missing our train. A lady walked up to us and said “here take my day pass ticket for free.” We hopped on the next train and met him under the same bridge. He was stoked to see us. We bought him some food gave him the Bible. He said he would read it.
I can’t remember his name but God does and if you could remember him in prayer that would be great.

Monday, October 14, 2013

India part 2

2 days later on the  24th  we headed to a different village for the remainder of the trip. We were welcomed with roses, such an honor. We did the show, than in the afternoon we piled 20 people into the 8 passenger van and headed to the beach. Ride Nature brought some skim boards from the states for the kids to use too. It was a great day! The next day we did a video premiere in one of the villages. We had so much response, people were coming forward for prayer, God was definitely there.

The next night we 4 street demos. We piled into the van, brought moto-taxe (the taxies with 3 wheels) but a generator in it with a P.A. system and pulled up on village streets. Ramon danced, then I skated and we shared Jesus. That one of the best nights for me because none of it was planned out.

The final day Friday the 27th we hit up a surf competitions. It was the second one ever done in India. People flew in from all over the world to be at it. We connected with a local dude with a surf school and hooked him up with some product, he had such a big heart for teaching kids how to surf. That night we began the long trip home.

We donated 12 complete skateboards and 6 skimboards a bunch of shirts and sunglasses too. We were the only people with skateboards in the part of India and we were blessed to bring something new there.

So that was India in a nutshell. I thank God for opening up the doors to go. Once again thank you for making it happen. Please pray for India. Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
Most people in India have never heard the name of Jesus and as the verse goes on to say is "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Pray. 

In closing... I got a mullet for one day and Justin went back to his past with mutton chops.